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TestDrop Plus

We are working hard to give any person on earth the opportunity to test the water before drinking. The TestDrop Pro allowed many people to test their water but unfortunately, some people who really need it was not able to buy it. We decided to try to make a more affordable version of the TestDrop. In order to do so, we moved many elements from the device to the app and it allowed us to make the TestDrop Plus.
The TestDrop Plus will give every person the ability to test the water and to see the results in his/her phone. We don't compromise on the testing level and the sensor in the new device will be even with new features.


The TestPipe is currently undergoing further research and development and is progressing rapidly. This is our advanced water monitoring product that will check the quality of tap water in your home 24 hours day, 7 days a week. It will retrofit easily under your sink at home and connect to an LED-light display on your faucet that will let you know at any given moment if your water is good to drink or not.
On top of the real-time water quality monitoring, the TestPipe will let us know a lot of information about water in your neighborhood and municipality and from your utility or well. We can immediately notify your water provider if there is an issue, working with them to locate the source of the problem and to fix it as soon as possible. This will help hold utilities accountable for the water that we are all paying for on our regular basis, and our hope is that it will help bring higher water quality to every faucet in the world.