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Nervous about the quality of your water?
TestDrop Pro makes it easy for anyone to check their water's safety and keep
their health protected virtually anywhere in the world, allowing you to safely drink without worries.

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With Lishtot's TestDrop, you join users from over 74 different countries enjoying better health through cleaner drinking water.






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Impacting the world

  • Water Resources Are Becoming More Polluted

  • Water Infrastructure Is Getting Older

  • 14% Of The World Population Suffered Sickness From Polluted Water In The Last Two Years

  • 51% Of The World Population Believe That They Will Be Seriously Harmed By Polluted Water In The Coming Two Years

Carefully Crafted With The Consumer In Mind.

Your health is very important to us, which is why we have made it possible for you to test for potentially harmful chemicals present in your drinking water. Using the TestDrop Pro involves turning on the device and approaching a cup of water over the waterline - that's it! You'll have your answer in seconds.

The TestDrop Puts Water's Safety Into Your Hands

The last thing you want is for your family is to consume tainted, potentially unsafe water. It could easily put family members' health at risk. If you want to test your drinking water-tap, filter, RO, well, bottled-prior to drinking, TestDrop provides quick and direct results with the simple push of a button.

Did You Know?

Many water contaminants, especially organic chemicals such as pesticides and industrial reagents, are not regulated at all for their presence in water. Common contaminants such as perchlorate and PFOA/PFOS may be present in millions of Americans' tap water, a country commonly thought to have very clean drinking water.

Bad Water is Especially Bad for People with Health Issues

Sensitive individuals, like pregnant women, people with pre-existing conditions and young children, may be put at higher risk for health complications due to severely-contaminated water. It is important to test every source for them before consumption, especially if traveling.

Be a Smart Water Consumer

That's why here at Lishtot, we've set out to address the issue of rapid testing of water by creating an ultra-portable, quick and easy to use water testing tool that stays with you and helps to keep you healthy wherever you go.

Lishtot Is Changing The World, One Cup At A Time

Our TestDrop Pro is our first commercial product to allow for personal water quality testing. Other products are in development with the same goal of providing fast and reliable results prior to water consumption.