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Drink With Certainty

Lishtot is the global leader in real time water-quality testing.
For the first time, Lishtot allows you to know your water using brand new sensing technology, and high-level data analysis.

Trusted by thousands across the globe:

No matter where you live, you want to be able to verify your water’s purity and safety.

It is your health and you should trust yourself, test your water before drinking. Join the thousands that drink water with peace of mind.

The interactive map shows in real time the 10 most recent test locations via Lishtot Device.

Lishot Impacting the World:

  • Securing water quality everywhere

  • Saving millions of people’s lives

  • Monitoring and stopping water pollution in real time

  • Avoiding mass waste - eliminating the usage of water bottles and filters

Carefully Crafted With The Consumer In Mind.

Your health is very important to us, which is why we have made it possible for you to test for potentially harmful chemicals present in your drinking water. Using the TestDrop Pro involves turning on the device and approaching a cup of water over the waterline - that's it! You'll have your answer in seconds.

The TestDrop gives you handheld knowledge of your water.

No one wants to drink dirty, possibly dangerous water. Why risk your family’s health? With the TestDrop you can test well water, bottled water, filtered water, and RO water. Test any water anywhere, with a click of a button.

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