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Why is water data so important to us at Lishtot?

Part of the mission here at Lishtot is to democratize water information. Today’s typical water utility customer depends entirely on their water utility or municipality to test and ensure the quality of their water. But these utilities rarely know the quality of water that, after an incredibly long journey, finally is delivered through the faucet and into the glass. We are working to give customers the tools to test water on their own and providing far more information than the water utilities are capable of providing themselves.

First and foremost our users are able to test every drop of water they drink. They can use the mobile app to track their testing history, look at more data, and add comments and video to each test. On our end, the data that we get from users of our products contribute to two key things.

First, it enables us to continually improve our algorithms. The more data we have, the more accurate our results will be. Every bit of data we collect from our customers helps us strengthen our technology, including allowing us to update your product to your specific water type based on geography, water source, and other factors.

Second, the data we receive helps us build local and international water maps. By receiving test results from our wonderful users and stakeholders from water sources all over the world, we are able to build these maps to help people in a few ways.

  • We help customers from specific areas to compare to one another in real time, enabling them to discover when and where there are water quality problems.
  • We help decision makers and stakeholders, from government to industry, understand the real-time, and past, water quality in their respective regions. This allows them to spot trends and more effectively do their jobs.
  • We are helping people all over the world compare their water quality. This enables them to speak up and demand better water quality from their water suppliers.

  • The more information we have, the better we can achieve these goals together. So join us today in democratizing water information for all.

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    How Does The TestDrop Work?

    How Does The TestDrop Work?

    Introducing The TestDrop

    Introducing The TestDrop