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Lishtot Bringing Innovative Water Technology to India


JERUSALEM — Lishtot, (Lishtot Detection Ltd.) has been accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of his delegation on the Israeli trip to India the week of January 15th. It is one week after Lishtot unveiled its newest product, the TestDrop Pro, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and received a great deal of exposure including being featured in Techcrunch, being named as one of Techcrunch’s Best Gadgets of CES 2018, and named in PC Mag India as one of five standout innovations.

Everyone Pays for Water


At Lishtot we have a saying — “Water is the most essential human need that nearly everyone on the planet pays for.”
This sentiment isn’t just a marketing ploy to sell more of our water contamination detectors. It is actually true, and not just for those who live in a developed nation, have a water utility, and receive a regular water bill.

Lishtot Wins 1st Place at CES Startup Night 2018


It was at CES Startup Night at the Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas, put on by, that Lishtot went up against 15 other startups to pitch the business. Each startup was given 60 seconds to make the pitch. In that time, not only did our CEO Netanel Raisch, discuss Lishtot’s technology, its applications, and the many problems that it’s solving, but he also demonstrated the technology by showing the TestDrop Pro and testing two cups of water, all in less than a minute.

We’ll be at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8th


We’ll be showing off the TestDrop Pro at one of the largest and busiest tradeshows in the world! Certainly the largest for consumer electronics. It’s in Las Vegas and we’ll be letting visitors try and buy the TestDrop, and also get a close look at the TeStraw, an advanced water contamination detector that will be on the market some time in 2018. Feel free to drop by and come visit us!

Press Institute of India Article on Lishtot


Lishtot was covered in a print edition of the publication Press Institute of India by Rina Mukherji out of Kolkata. Rina is a prominent environmental journalist and Lishtot is proud to have caught her eye. Rina viewed this as a product that can help India, particularly in light of recent events such as the Indian High Court ordering the railways to stop providing passengers with contaminated water.

Governor of Wisconsin Meets With Lishtot


The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, along with a delegation of key stakeholders in the water sector in the State, were touring Israel and meeting with Israeli technology companies that could be useful in Wisconsin. Both governments and private-sector stakeholders intend to collaborate on water research.

Watec Israel 2017


September was a busy month for Lishtot. We were at the DLD Innovation Festival, and shortly after were demonstrating our product with a booth at the Watec Israel conference. Watec is one of the premiere water technology conferences in the world and Lishtot, as a member of the Israeli water technology scene, was thrilled to be a part of it.

20,000 People in Pittsburgh Under Boil Water Advisory


Pittsburgh is under a boil water advisory affecting some 20,000 people in the city. That’s a whole lot of people.
The culprit? Bird droppings. According to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), a tear in a reservoir cover opened up the possibility that avian feces could infect the water supply of a good portion of the city of Pittsburgh.

Around the United States, Small Towns are Rising Up Against the Poisoning of Their Water


According to experts, one of most powerful cancer-causing chemicals, TCP was recently found in hundreds of wells in Arvin, California. Tests show that this dangerous substance has been found by several other utilities around the country as well. Residents in Arvin are outraged by the news of this man-made chemical and believe TCP is to blame for the health issues of their family and friends from the area. Several other towns similar to Arvin that have not yet had their water tested worry whether this chemical is also tainting their water.