So you bought a water filter and the directions say to change it every 2 months? 6 months? Year?

Did you ever stop to think whether that even makes sense? How can something like a water filter need to be changed on a fixed schedule?

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Water filters do not need to be changed on a fixed schedule.

Filter manufacturers have to contend with two realities:

1. They do not know the real time condition of your filter and

2. They want to sell more filters.

So they tell you to change them on a schedule when, in reality, it makes no sense.

There is simply no correlation between time and filtration or between volume and filtration.

In fact, the only reason to ever replace a filter is because it stopped filtering because it's clogged. If your tap water is very clean, your filter can last a long time. And if your tap water is very dirty, the filter can get clogged after just a few days.

The only way to know the condition of your filter is by testing the quality of the filtered water that went through it.

Lishtot's TestDrop Pro is the only personal water tester thatcan test the quality of your filtered water. With the TestDrop Pro, you will know when your filter actually needs to be changed.

Buy Lishtot's TestDrop Pro NOW! Test your water and save money!

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TestDrop Pro

The TestDrop Pro is an essential tool for water filter owners like you. Water filters are great for peace of mind but you still have no way of knowing whether the filter is doing its job, when it needs to be changed, etc. With the TestDrop Pro, you can answer these questions in real time by testing the quality of your filtered water.

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$49.95 per unit
+ Shipping
Immediate Results

Test water and get the results in two seconds

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Get a Blue light if the TestDrop Pro does not detect contamination and a Red light if contamination is found. It is not recommended to drink water that gives a Red light

Detects Good Water

The embedded algorithm is programed to show Blue when the sensor detects uncontaminated water. Otherwise it shows Red.

Three Buttons for Three Testing Levels

Each button is programed to show Blue at a different level of water purity LEARN MORE>>

Test Water in Any Plastic Disposable Cup

You can use PP, PET or PS clean, new, disposable cups for testing LEARN MORE>>

Test in Non-Transparent Cups

The disposable plastic cup does not have to be transparent LEARN MORE>>

Test Bottled Water

You can test bottled water without opening it LEARN MORE>>

Do Not Test in Glass Containers

Glass cups are thicker than plastic. Also, when you wash your dishes the soap leaves residue which is detected as contamination.

Innovative Technology

3 granted US patents

Passive Testing

The TestDrop Pro does not transmit any signal, it senses the electric field created by the interaction between the water and the cup

Tested by Third Party Labs

Validated by independent third party labs along with many other people and companies

Lishtot App (Beta)

Get your water score and historical data about the water you tested

Battery Has a Long Life Span

Uses standard 2032 Energizer battery which lasts for 5000 tests

Take it With You Wherever You Go

Portable, keychain size device goes with you everywhere you go

Test for Heavy Metals

Including lead, copper, arsenic, cadmium and more

Test Pathogenic Bacteria

Such as E.coli by detecting the proteins they release in the water

Test for Chemicals

Such as PFOS, PFOA and pesticides

Easy to Use

Watch our 2 minute video and become an expert tester. WATCH NOW