The TestOnKey is the most compact device in Lishtot’s product family. The TestOnKey can detect many types of contaminations in water in only two seconds without any disposable parts.

The TestOnKey includes Lishtot’s sensor and is adapted to detect contaminations in several plastic media like bottles and disposable plastic cups.

The TestOnKey detects many contamination types including all the common types like E.coli, heavy metals, organic wastes, proteins, and more.

The current TestOnKey prototype works by the following instructions:

  • Shaking a water bottle or swirling a plastic disposable cup;
  • Locating the TestOnKey near the bottle below the waterline; and,
  • Pressing the activation button and moving the TestOnKey upwards until it crosses the water line.
  • If the water is good for drinking, the red light turns off below or at the waterline
  • If the red light doe not turn off above the waterline, then it is recommended not to drink the water

The current TestOnKey does not indicate to a user the pollution type or level. To receive this more detailed information, please use our more advanced product – the TeStraw.