The TeStraw is a high level sensor with higher quality data, though testing times remain fast.

The TeStraw is a pen/straw like device which has a small disposable plastic tip on its end. In order to test with the TeStraw the user should do the following:

  • Entering the disposable tip into the water sample of interest;
  • Pressing the button (thus causing a small amount of water to enter the tip);
  • Taking the tip out of the water; and,
  • Releasing the button.
  • If the device shows a green light, then it means that the water is good for drinking, while if the device shows a red light, then it means that the water is not recommended for drinking.

The TeStraw can provide not only yes/no indication, but it is designed to give a more detailed indication as to the contamination types and the contamination levels in a water sample. In order to display the deeper analysis, the TeStraw uses your smartphone screen.