Lishtot has won the Startup Open Israel competition!

Alan n Netanel n Prize

Lishtot has developed a technology for water testing which answers the question “to drink or not to drink?” on the spot. Lishtot technology detects bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides etc. and the complete test takes only 2 seconds to complete. Lishtot products will not only save lives in developing countries but they will help people in developed countries live safer as well. Today, there are many situations where people in the developed world have been told to boil their water, but the “boil water notice” is usually announced about 36 hours after the water has been identified as contaminated. Another 24 hours may pass after water is safe to drink until bacterial plates confirm the same. Lishtot’s technology will help those people to bridge the gaps and will give individuals the ability to test their water by themselves.

The win automatically positions Lishtot in the “GEW 50” top Start Ups list as one of the most promising Startups in the world for 2015. Last year’s winner, Breezometer, presented Israel on many stages including at the White House and at the UN and we hope that we will keep their tradition and will represent Israel well.

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