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Peace of mind for every drop

Water is the source of life.

It is the most essential human need that almost everyone pays for.

Societies are built around water, and millions set out in search of it each day.
But few can say they know anything about the quality of the water they’re putting into their bodies.

Today, with aging infrastructure, lead contamination, and chemicals entering our water streams, there’s no telling what’s in each sip.

That’s the idea Lishtot was built on – that people deserve to know what’s in their water.

Lishtot helps you test water before you drink. In just a few seconds you can know if we find contaminants like lead, E. coli, pesticides, and that nasty PFOA firefighting foam chemical.

You can test tap water, bottled water, and natural water from rivers and streams. Bluetooth the data to the app to submit to our Global Water Map and track your test history and upload video, pictures and comments.